HSV wins in Darmstadt – Holtby meets Titz

The Hamburger SV is back in the ascent race. After three games without a win (one defeat, two draws) in Darmstadt, the relegated player wins 2:1 and temporarily climbs to 2nd place.

After a hectic initial phase, HSV takes command and takes the lead after two chances through Arp (5th, 7th) with his third opportunity.

▶ Hunt gets the ball on half left from Holtby and is not attacked. Shortly before the penalty area, the captain stops left and the ball finds its way flat into the right corner – 0:1 (13.). After three games without a goal the spell is broken.

Schiri luck after just under half an hour for HSV: When Douglas Santos rams his arm into Rieder’s face after Kempe’s free-kick in the 16th, the whistle Christian Dietz remains silent (26th).

HSV magical vegas

Shortly before the break, the guests set the course for victory and counter Darmstadt perfectly.

▶ Naray (42 for Ito), who is standing on the field for just three minutes, moves from the left into the penalty area, skilfully leaving the ball to Holtby, who hammers it from eight metres with his left flat into the net – 0:2 (45).

After the break, the superior HSV still has a chance to improve the result. The biggest one thwarts Mangala, who can barely grasp the cross pass from Sakai to the shot-ready Hunt (67th).

Nevertheless it’s going to be exciting again.

▶ Dursun maneuvers the right shot from Wurtz over the line from close range. No offside, because Mangala is sleeping and hasn’t moved out – 1:2 (89.).

Immediately thereafter, there’s another free-kick for the hosts at the edge of the penalty area. But Kempe shoots the ball over the goal (90.+3).

Scorer Hunt with “Sky”: “We knew that we will hit again sometime, because we have the quality in front. We didn’t let ourselves go crazy there. We knew that if we played our football, we would get our chances. The victory is good for the heads.”

Bochum – Bielefeld 1:0

In the midfield duel, VfL beat Arminia 1-0 at home.

Bielefeld start strong – Clauss and Harherz fail in the double pack to goalkeeper Riemann (2.). The hosts use their first chance for an early lead. Magical Vegas does not have deposit requirements and has lots of promotions and bonuses.

▶ Weilandt overflows left three guests and sinks the ball in the second attempt to 1:0 (8.).

Bielefeld storms, Bochum defends concentrated. Also in the second run. The substitution of Voglsammer for Christiansen (46.) brings even more momentum into the attack game of the Arminia, but if goalkeeper Riemann is not on the spot, saves the post for the VfL (Voglsammer/60th, Börner/68th).