Eth2 becomes third largest staking network: Ether hits new all-time highs

Ethere hits new all-time highs above $ 1,600. Eth2 is now the third largest staking network.

The gains in Ether and new all-time highs have made Eth2 the third largest network by staking capitalization

And that’s despite the fact that only 2.09 percent of the Ethereum supply is currently included in Eth2.

Ether hit a new record high of over $ 1,600. It has increased by 12 percent within 24 hours.

Almost 2.5 million ETH are currently locked up. With that, Eth2’s staking capitalization is currently around $ 3.6 billion.

The gains helped Eth2 overtake Avalanche with $ 3 billion in staking assets. Avalanche’s staking capitalization is 69.5 percent of the offering.

Polkadot is currently the largest crypto asset in this regard

60 percent of its offer is included. That’s currently $ 10.8 billion. This is followed by Cardano with 71 percent of its offer that was staked. The value is currently $ 9.5 billion.

The deposits at Eth2 have grown steadily since the beginning of December. Almost a million additional ethers were used for staking in January. The number of Eth2 validators increased by 55 percent from 49,200 to 76,200.

Since the beginning of the year, Ether in the ETH / BTC pair has increased by 70 percent compared to Bitcoin. ETH is currently only 5 percent away from retesting its local high of 0.045 BTC from January 25th. That was the highest level of Ether against BTC since August 2018.