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The purpose of the project  is the development of an integrated mechanism aimed to support rational design and effective implementation of local strategies for environmental risks’ prevention and rehabilitation, specified for territories threatened by soil or water pollution. The project’s concept stands on the facts that:

  • In most cases –especially in rural areas- the “Prime Polluters” are companies of the primary (farms) and the secondary (local industries) sectors.
  • pollution prevention is a much more cost-efficient strategy than rehabilitation of soil.

In this context, the partnership claims that the “keys of the solution” could be in the hands of Polluters themselves with necessary motivation,  support and training from other stakeholders guiding them towards a Socially Responsible attitude and behavior. The project’s specific goals are: a) Formulation of the “GuardEn Model System”:

  • Definition of the Profile of the “GuardEn” Enterprise.
  • Development of a set of Methodological Tools to support Enterprises to move towards the “GuardEn Status”.

b) Development of a “Methodology for Rational Strategic Planning for Soil Pollution Prevention and Rehabilitation at the Local Level” including:

  • Awareness raising, motivation and training of different target groups.
  • Focus on the development of sets of indicators permitting multi-criteria Impact analysis at the company and the Community levels.
  • Identify best practices of responsible environmental performance of industrial activities.

c) Design-Development of local Collaborative Patterns/Clusters for water and Soil Pollution Prevention and soil Rehabilitation, and of a supportive Transnational Expert Network.